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What we do

In today’s highly competitive market and thorough regulatory environment, it pays to know who you’re dealing with. We’ve built our reputation concentrating on a niche we’re very familiar with, then consistently meeting, and outperforming our customer's expectations. For many supply houses, hot-dipped and electro  galvanized fittings, flanges, and pipe can be a real headache. They often make up only a small fraction of the dollar value of a multi-item requisition, yet are necessary to complete the order and get the shipment out of the door.

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What we offer

For almost 30 years Maintenance Metals has specialized in the stock and supply of hot-dipped and electro galvanized fittings, and pipe. Today we stock significant quantities of hot-dipped and electro galvanized domestic, import approved, and import generic fittings, pipe and piping components.

Modern Brewery

No Substandard Materials

All galvanizing is not identical. Why take a chance with substandard materials? All of our products are hot-dipped for a long, trouble free life.

Mobile Phone

24-Hour Support

One-day turnaround on unique item orders, expanded shipping hours, and 24/7 availability


Meticulous Quality and Accuracy

Providing lead and mercury free galvanized solutions, such as NSF61 galvanized products, we know how important it is for you to be confident that every item you purchase from us will meet plant approvals.

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