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NSF-61 Certified

Previously known as the National Sanitation Foundation, and currently known as The Public Health and Safety Organization, NSF is “dedicated to being the leading global provider of public health and safety-based risk management solutions while serving the interests of all stakeholders, namely the public, the business community and government agencies”. NSF-61 establishes minimum requirements for the control for the potential adverse human health effects from products that come into contact with drinking water. These contaminants are regulated by the U.S Environmental Health Agency. Products that are covered under NSF/ANSI-61 include: Pipes and related products (fittings, hose) Protective and barrier material Jointing and sealing material Process media Mechanical devices Mechanical plumbing devices Potable water materials Maintenance Metals & Supply carries NSF-61 certified products. These products have been tested to verify they meet certain public health and safety standards. All products that meet NSF-61 standards carry the NSF mark.